Bio cosmetica, maar waarom?

Bio cosmetics  are made from only natural raw materials and because they are grown organically, they are also free of insecticides and pesticides.  

That is why  biocosmetics is  naturally pure.

Bio cosmetics / Skin care = Skin food!

Look just as critically at the products with which you care for your body as for the food that you eat every day. Finally, 60% of what we put on our skin ends up in our bloodstream. .

The substances used in organic cosmetics are recognized by the body as nutrients and therefore easily absorbed by the body. They are not harmful to our health.

'Greenwashing' versus Bio cosmetics

The terms ' natural cosmetics ' or even ' organic cosmetics ' nowadays adorn many cosmetic labels while there is even a fraction of a natural ingredient! This marketing strategy is called 'greenwashing'

By choosing organic certified products you can be sure that these are completely pure, natural and also safe for health.


In the video below the whole story is clearly displayed.

Natural cosmetics for healthy skin

Cosmetics on a natural basis gives your skin a nice healthy appearance

Biocosmetics is not tested on animals!

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